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Book - Freshwaterfish

Book - Freshwaterfish

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Product Details

Comprehensive and detailed book in English about freshwater fish.

The book describes approx. 200 species and their enemies. There is information on characteristics, way of life and distribution. Each species is illustrated in color and has its own distribution card. The names of the species are stated in both English and Latin.

In the book you can also read about the history of fishing, about fish breeding and fish biology.

The book is richly illustrated with approx. 700 beautiful and detailed drawings.

The book is written by the world famous Danish biologist Bent J. Muus. The illustrations are drawn by Preben Dahlstrøm.

Title: Freshwater Fish
Author: Bent J. Muus
Illustrations: Preben Dahlstrøm
Number of pages: 224
Language: English
Publisher: Scandinavian Fishing Year Book
Binding: Hardcover 
Published: 1999
ISBN: 87-90787-01-3
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