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Butterfly Poster - WITH

Article number: 85032
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  • With or without stiffeners + hanger
    26.00  EUR (incl. VAT)

    Product Details

    The Butterfly Poster is a large poster that illustrates 44 of the most common butterfly species from Europe and North America.
    The butterflies wing spans are indicated in millimeters and their name is written in English, French, Latin and more*.
    All butterfly illustrations are very colorful and detailed. They are hand drawn and painted in natural colors by the Danish artist Lisbeth Olrik.
    With the butterfly poster you can easily recognize the different butterflies. You can e.g. use the chart to observe the similarities and differences between the different butterflies.
    The size of the butterfly poster is 70 x 100 cm. It is printed on 170 g plastic-coated art paper to give it a nice glossy finish and a long life.
    This poster is with metal stiffeners in the top + bottom and hanger. Choose this if you want to put the poster directly on your wall.
    Names written in: LAT / D / DK / F / GB / S
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