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Mora Knife - Bushcraft Survival

Mora Knife - Bushcraft Survival

Article number: 88417
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Product Details

A Mora Bushcraft Survival knife with a blade made from stainless steel – the ultimate bushcraft knife.

The spine of the blade has been ground so that you can use it together with a fire steel. The handle has friction grip. 

On the strong sheath, there is an integrated fire steel and diamond sharpener, enabling easy sharpening of the knife.

The integrated fire steel makes it easy for you to start a fire no matter where you are. Simply drag the knife's specially sharpened spine slowly and hard against the fire steel. The resulting sparks can light a fire with paper, birch bark or dry grass.

It is easy to switch between the two included belt straps which let you choose how you wish to carry your knife.

Blade thickness: 2.5 mm
Blade length: 109 mm
Total length: 232 mm
Colour: Black
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